The Mind-Body Way shares the key to cultivating a harmonious professional life, so that one’s decisions, actions, and interactions confidently come from a foundation of true inner wisdom.”

author of Lovingkindness and Real Life

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Learn how to lead

from the inside out

Are you spending your energy wisely, or are you teetering on the brink of exhaustion? In The Mind-Body Way, wellness and leadership experts Courtney Amo, Dr. Julie Beaulac, and Casey Berglund unveil a powerful and connected way to lead—and live. 

   Founded on six pillars of embodiment, The Mind-Body Way teaches you to be a more resilient, connected, and purpose-driven leader by deepening your relationship with your body and heeding its wisdom. Through meaningful stories and accessible exercises, this practical guide helps you notice the important signs your body is sending you so that you can stop second-guessing pivotal life and leadership decisions. 

   Take your next steps on this journey of awareness, self-reflection, and experimentation. It’s time to break the cycle of overwhelm and become the aligned, purposeful leader you were always meant to be.

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The Mind-Body Way is a brilliant new guide for leaders who want to discover the power of embodiment.”

author of The Big Leap and The Genius Zone


Get to know the authors

Courtney Amo is the founder of Mahaa, an independent yoga, retreat, lifestyle coaching, and consulting practice that promotes inclusive, barrier-free access to well-being. With over two decades of yoga teaching, public sector leadership and facilitation expertise, Courtney brings an embodied perspective to her work and builds strong teams grounded in trust and respect. A certified Designing Your Life and Holobody coach, Strategic Doing workshop leader, and Zen Leadership practitioner, Courtney has practiced yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for close to twenty-five years. Visit her at

Dr. Julie Beaulac is a registered clinical health and rehabilitation psychologist and consultant with a PhD in clinical psychology. Julie’s embodiment journey led her to start her own practice, which provides psychotherapy and consultation to individuals, groups, and organizations. A regular presenter at conferences across the globe and a published author in peer-reviewed journals, Julie is passionate about optimizing well-being and leadership through embodiment. She has worked for almost two decades to help clients enhance their performance and satisfaction by becoming more engaged in their lives. Learn more about Julie at

Casey Berglund is a popular podcaster, TEDx speaker, and certified professional coach and embodiment guide. As the founder of Worthy and Well, an online coaching and training company that helps clients live their deeper purpose without neglecting their bodies’ wisdom, Casey is an accomplished teacher who helps founders, change agents, and guides become powerful Embodied Leaders who succeed at the transformational work they are meant to do. Learn more about Casey at

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